Welcome to my website

I will endeavor to share my knowledge of a number of things ranging from a cookbook, a resource manual and a book for parents of children with disabilities.  For quite some time I have wanted to share authentic Italian recipes with people.  As I am an advocate by nature I will also be placing a resource manual for individuals who are on a fixed income, and finally a book for parents of children with disabilities.

About Mirella L. Sacco

Mirella Lucia Sacco was born and resides in Edmonton Alberta Canada in 1966.  She was born with Spina Bifida.   Mirella is a first generation Canadian; her parents Fortunato and Domenica Sacco were from the Italian Region of Calabria.  Throughout her career she has held various positions that include the transportation industry, Government positions working with politicians to starting and running a non-profit agency to support individuals with disabilities.  It has been Mirella’s dream, calling and she feels her obligation to share information and teach others. You can read Mirella’s blogs at http://mirellamuses.wordpress.com